Unattended Baby Drowns in Bathtub Seat

This investigation was initiated from a Medical Examiner's report, which indicates that a 7 month old baby boy drowned in a bathtub, after he was left unattended in a baby seat. The investigation revealed that, on 02/15/95, at approximately 6:55 pm, a mother found her 7 month old son underwater, lying on his side with his face toward the bathroom door, in an adult-size bathtub in their apartment. The mother observed that her 7 month old son's bath tub seat, which he had been sitting in, was flipped over in the bathtub, and the suction cups on the bottom of the bathtub seat were facing upward. The mother contacted "911", and she attempted CPR until the ambulance arrived. The 7 month old boy was taken to the hospital, and he was placed in life support machines.

Hammond, Indiana
February 15,1995

Never rely on a bathtub seat or ring to keep babies safe.

Don't answer the phone or doorbell and leave your baby alone or with other small children.

CPSC is aware of at least 28 bath seat deaths, and over 30,000 bathtub and shower injuries to children under 5 in 1993.

Protect Your Kids

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