300 Children Under 5 Years Old Drown in
Backyard Pools Each Year

A two year old male died from a drowning accident in a backyard swimming pool. The child was in the house, but was able to walk out the back door unobserved. There was no barrier of any kind between the house and the pool. The child fell into the pool and died from drowning.

Bowie, Maryland
July 2, 1995

A 9 month old boy slipped under the solar cover of a backyard above-ground swimming pool and drowned. He gained access to the backyard through a sliding glass patio door which he was able to open.

Livermore, California
August 5, 1995

Completely fence the pool to insure a barrier between the house and the pool, in addition to keeping out neighborhood kids.

Fencing should be at least 4 feet high and preferably 5 feet with self-closing latches on all gates.

Never use a solar pool cover near young children. If they fall in, they are very difficult to see.

Protect Your Kids

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