Infant Girl Suffocates in Mesh-Sided Play Yard

The victim was a two month old infant girl who lived with her family in a single family home. The victim's father fed the victim milk in the middle of the night. He then placed her face down in a drop-side mesh playpen in the living room. The father went to sleep in his bedroom. The next morning, he discovered the victim lying lifeless wedged between the edge of the playpen and its mesh drop-side. The mesh drop-side was not locked into place. The coroner determined the victim's death was accidental due to suffocation.

Simi Valley, California
September 10, 1994

Never place a child in a mesh-side/drop-side play yard unless the sides are firmly locked in place.

Over 20 children have died in drop-side play yards.

Some deaths have occurred in both play yards and portable cribs when the sides appeared locked in place. Most children under 6 months old cannot move their heads and can become entrapped.

Look closely for instructions which can be hard to find under mattress or floorboard.

Protect Your Kids

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