4 Year Old Pinned by Automatic Garage Door

On April 15, 1995, a 4 year old boy and his parents had returned home from grocery shopping. The boy's parents went into the home to put away the groceries and the child stayed outside. After some minutes the boy's father returned outside and approached the garage finding his 4 year old son laying face down with the garage door pinned on his shoulders. The victim died in a hospital three days later.

Oak Brook Terrace, Illinois
April 15, 1995

Over 2,500 kids are treated in Hospital Emergency Rooms each year for injuries associated with garage doors. Over 50 have been killed.

Doors installed since 1982 should reverse when hitting an object. You can test this feature with rolls of paper towels to make sure it works.

Doors installed since 1991 should have an "electic eye" to detect kids under a moving door to prevent contact.

Protect Your Kids

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