Drawstring Snags on Slide Killing 8 Year Old Girl

An 8 year old female became asphyxiated when the barrel clamp on the end of the waistband string of her coat became caught on the top edge of a backyard sliding board. As the victim went down the sliding board, the string became taut pulling the coat and zipper up around her neck. The victim never revived and died 10 days later as a result or brain damage. The victim was mentally retarded.

Ewing, New Jersey
November 26, 1994

Clothing strings, loose clothing, and stringed items placed around the neck can strangle a child.

Never dress a child in loose or stringed clothing if they will be on playground equipment.

More than 21,000 kids were treated in Hospital Emergency Rooms for injuries in 1993.

Children have been seriously injured or killed when their drawstrings catch on a school bus handrail and the driver pulls away.

Protect Your Kids

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