Bunk bed guard rail strangles 7 year old blind girl

A seven year old blind girl died when her throat caught between the mattress and safety guard rail along the side of the top bunk of her wooden framed bunk bed. She was discovered dangling from the safety guard rail suspended by her neck. The victim was pronounced dead at the scene. The Medical Examiner attributed the cause of death to lack of oxygen to the brain, due to neck caught between bar and mattress of upper portion of bunk bed.

Washington Township, New Jersey
January 30, 1993

Bunk bed guard rails must be secured to prevent accidental death.

Guard rails must have locks or require 2 seperate actions to remove.

Space between mattress and guard rail must be lss than 3-1/2" to prevent slipping through even when locked.

20,000 Hospital Emergency Room treatments for bunk bed injuries to children under 5.

Protect Your Kids

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