8 Year Old Girl Trapped In Hot Tub

An 8 year old female was found unresponsive in the bottom of a hot tub. The victim's hair was caught in the drain opening. The incident occurred in her home. She was found by her father who cut her hair from the drain opening and removed her from the hot tub. Family member called 911. Medical personnel arrived at the scene and transported the victim to a hospital. She was transferred to another hospital and died the next day. Coroner's report ruled the cause of death as lack of oxygen due to near drowning.

Nevada City, California
July 23, 1995

Hot tubs are not for little kids.

Since 1980, over 200 children have drowned in spas or hot tubs.

Hair entrapment, body entrapment in drains, drownings and hyperthermia (water even a little too hot for a child's system) can cause catastrophic injury or death.

Over 30 deaths are reported from hair and body part entanglement.

Protect Your Kids

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