Bill Kitzes Product Safety Management

Expert Testimony


Over the last 20+ years I have testified in over 100 trials in more than 25 states, Canada and Australia. The list below is complete to the best of my knowledge.

1. Antley v. Yamaha, State Court, Louisiana

2. Wilson v. Yamaha, Federal Court, Texas, Judge Hall

3. Banwart v. Toro, State Court, Minnesota

4. Jendro v. Honeywell, State Court, Minnesota

5. Klein v. Murray of Ohio, Federal Court, Maryland

6. Hedrick v. Emerson, State Court, Wisconsin

7. Tafoya v. Sears, Federal Court, Colorado, Judge Finesilver

8. Lind v. Radiator Specialties, State Court, New York

9. Balder v. Honeywell, State Court, Minnesota

10. Nelson v. Gillette, State Court, Oklahoma

11. Gigger v. Toro, State Court, Oklahoma

12. Holmes v. Emerson, State Court, South Dakota

13. Burr v. State Industries, Federal Court, Oklahoma

14. Bailes v. Toro, State Court, Minnesota

15. Kloepfer v. Honda, Federal Court, Utah

16. Gilman v. Honda, Federal Court, El Paso, Texas

17. Silver v. National Presto, Federal Court, Tennessee

18. Dennis v. Honda, USDC, Amarillo, Texas, Judge Robinson

19. Pearson v. Murray of Ohio, USDC, Eastern District, Oregon

20. Kozoway v. Massey-Ferguson, USDC, Denver, Judge Kerrigan

21. Mercer v. Honda, State Court, Tennessee

22. Mullins v. Honda, State Court, Texas, Judge Dibrell

23. Cornette v. Evenflo, State Court, Florida, Judge Lee

24. Artrip v. Honda, Federal Court, Indiana, Judge Lee

25. Anderson v. Vecellio & Grogan, State Court, West Virginia

26. Montoya v. Honda, State Court, California, Judge Park

27. Haberkorn v. American Motors, State Court, Michigan

28. Bittner v. Honda, State Court, Wisconsin

29. Covert v. Honeywell, State Court, Michigan, Judge Cooper

30. Frownfelter v. Toyotomi Kogyo, Federal Court, Indiana

31. Rangel v. Honda, State Court, California, Judge Fenton

32. Trout v. Massey-Ferguson, USDC, Arkansas, Judge Roy

33. Britt v. Kawasaki, State Court, Mississippi, Judge Carlson

34. Stiles v. Honda, Supreme Court, Vancouver, British Columbia

35. Stephenson v. Honda, State Court, California, Judge Roeder

36. Drury v. Honda, State Court, Louisiana[

37. Larsen v. Yamaha, State Court, California, Judge Haller

38. Vinci v. General Motors, State Court, Michigan

39. Perrin v. Invacare, Federal Court, Arkansas

40. Volk v. Keller Industries, Inc., State Court, Florida

41. Moore v. Honda, State Court, California, Judge Shaw

42. Serrano v. Keller Industries, Inc., State Court, Florida

43. Fuertado v. Honda, State Court, Texas

44. Ladd v. Honda, State Court, Tennessee, Judge Goodall

45. Horneber v. Textron, Federal Court, Michigan, Judge Cleland

46. Eimers v. Honda, Federal Court, Pennsylvania

47. Morris v. Sears, State Court, Kentucky

48. Campbell v. Murray of Ohio, State Court, Wisconsin

49. York v. American Yard Products, Federal Court, Texas

50. Oldeen v. Honda, Federal Court, Wisconsin

51. Moore-Barnes v. Jacobsen, State Court, Indiana

52. Kehl v. Yamaha, State Court, California

53. Clark v. Kawasaki, State Court, West Virginia

54. Marks v. Toshiba, State Court, Michigan

55. Hicks v. Honda, Federal Court - Middle District, Tennessee

56. Matte v. General Motors, State Court, Louisiana

57. Clews v. Escondido Honda, State Court, California

58. Marcon v. K-Mart, State Court, Minnesota

59. Morales v. Honda, Federal Court, Eastern District, Kentucky

60. Welch v. General Motors, Federal Court, Northern District, Georgia

61. Adkins v. East End Cycle and Suzuki, State Court, West Virginia

62. Walsh v. Fisher Price, State Court, Texas

63. Hill v. Black & Decker, State Court, Indiana, Judge Barr

64. Medina v. Siemens, State Court, Florida

65. Gregory v. City of Bluefield, State Court, West Virginia

66. Zamarripa v. Sears, State Court, Texas

67. Johnston v. John Deere, Federal Court, Maine

68. Bustamante v. Haemonetics, State Court, Florida

69. Woods v. Qual-Craft, State Court, Indiana

70. Herman v. Crosman, State Court, Missouri

71. Marksberry v. Sears, State Court, Kentucky

72. Wolcott v. Suzuki, Federal Court, South Dakota

73. Gardner v. DESA International, State Court, Alabama

74. Fabian v. Scripto-Tokai, State Court, Virginia

75. Jones v. High Adventure Air Park, Supreme Court, Melbourne, Australia

76. Woodburn v. Manco, State Court, Idaho

77. Kuster v. JumpKing, State Court, Kentucky

78. Gorski v. Sears and Murray, Inc., State Court, Pennsylvania

79. Colnon v. Midwest Industries, Inc., Federal Court, Iowa

80. Purvis v. Ford Motor Co., State Court, Indiana

81. McLemore v. Honda, State Court, Florida

82. Abrahams v. Mystic Pointe, State Court, Florida

83. Walker v. Ford, State Court, Florida, Judge Maass

84. Folbaum v. Rexall Sundown, State Court, New Jersey

85. Cook v. Sufix, State Court, Kentucky, Judge Ryan

86. Tittle v. Polaris, State Court, Colorado, Judge Kraven

87. Grunow v. Valor Corporation, State Court, Florida, Judge Labarga

88. Carter v. Bic Corporation, State Court, Texas

89. Leibel v. General Motors, State Court, Michigan, Judge Andrews

90. Farr v. Evenflo, State Court, Wisconsin, Judge Nowowski

91. Garvey v. Polaris, State Court, Minnesota

92. Glenn v. Hong Jin Crown, State Court, California, Judge Levinger

93. Ogozaly v. Honda, State Court, Pennsylvania, Judge Fine

94. Roberts v. Bombardier, State Court, Florida, Judge Fine 

95. Lopez v. Kawasaki, State Court, Middlesex County, New Jersey 

96. Parlato v. Shindaiwa, Federal Court, Florida 

97. Zunner v. WalMart and Florida Pool Products, State Court, Florida

98. Goff v. Daisy, State Court, Kentucky 

99. Masterson v. SunSpecs, Federal Court, New Jersey, Judge Bumb

100. Shotts v. Bombardier, Federal Court, Indiana, Judge Hamilton

101. Fiedler v. Fultz and Chrysler, State Court, Missouri

102. Blakeman v. Husqvarna, State Court, Kentucky, Judge Pickler

103. Holt v. Yamaha, State Court, California, Judge Colaw

104. McTaggart v. Yamaha, State Court, Georgia, Judge Rich

105. Kininmonth v. HO Sports Co., Inc., State Court, Kentucky, Judge Eckerle

106. Metcalfe v. Yamaha, State Court, California, Judge Link

107. McMahon v. Yamaha, State Court, Alabama

108. Swainston v. Yamaha, State Court, California, Judge Dunning

109. Arch Chemicals v. Radiator Specialty, Federal Court, Oregon, Judge Hubel

110. Bell v. Mastercraft, State Court, California

111. Archer v. Yamaha, State Court, Florida

112. Mauro v. Ford Motor Co., State Court, California

113. Colombo / Slagel v. Bombardier, State Court, California

114. Firehouse Properties v. Lasko Products, State Court, Michigan