Bill Kitzes Product Safety Management

Expert Testimony

Sports and Recreation

Avent v. Phoenix V
Swimming Pool / Diving / Failure to Warn

Mahoney v. Daisy
BB Gun / Hidden BB / Foreseeable Use by Children

Edwards v. Connecticut Valley Arms
Muzzle Loaded Rifle / Failure to Timely Recall

Boribourne v. JumpKing
Trampoline / Failure to Warn / Quadriplegic

Horton v. Grenada Inn
Child Stuck on Swimming Pool Drain

Larkins v. Sturm Ruger
Pistol / Inadvertent Discharge when Dropped

Milton / Davis v. Honda
All Terrain Vehicle / Age Labeling / 3 Wheel

Gaona v. Honda
All Terrain Vehicle / Consent Decree

Wolcott v. Suzuki
All Terrain Vehicle / Failure to Warn

Davis v. Pains-Wessex
Boat Flare / Ignition in Car / Failure to Warn

Bettis v. Dynacraft / Target
Bicycle / Front Fork Failure / Recall

Corcoran v. Foam Design
Boogie Board / Broken Neck / Failure to Warn

Strasnick v. Lang Management
Spa Pool Heater / Hyperthermia

Knight v. Kawasaki
All Terrain Vehicle / Plow

Morales v. Honda
Off-Road Motorcycle / Age Labeling

Woodburn v. Manco / Briggs & Stratton
Go Cart / Live Axle / Hair Entanglement

Lind v. U.S.A.
Pitching Machine Entanglement

Williams v. Century Products
Swimming Pool Cover / Failure to Warn

Crumley v. Avenger
Go Cart / Fire

Peterson v. Jerry’s Discount Fireworks
Fireworks / Banned Hazardous Substance

Deckard v. Daisy Manufacturing
BB Gun / Age Standards

Palmer v. Ann Arbor Country Club
Swimming Pool / Diving

Fussell v. JumpKing
Trampoline / Warnings

Ciaglia v. Yamaha
Waverunner / Warnings

Marcon v. K-Mart
Sled Warnings / Injury Data

Marquez v. Briggs & Stratton
Go Cart / Hair Entanglement

Huck v. Hamilton Karts
Go Cart / Hair Entanglement

Silva v. Franklin Sports
Lawn Darts / CPSC Ban

Feinauer v. Cantar Pools
Solar Swimming Pool Cover / Warnings

Margedant v. General Sportscraft
Toy Batting Tee / CPSC Recall