Bill Kitzes Product Safety Management

Expert Testimony

Household Products

Hill v. US Smokeless Tobacco
Failure to Warn / FTC

Calcaterra v. Q.E.P.
Federal Hazardous Substance Act Labeling

Engels v. Presto
Countertop Deep Fryer / Child Pulled Cord

Davis v. State Industries
Hot Water Heater / Child Scald / Failure to Warn

Folbaum v. Rexall Sundown
Calcium Labeling / Dosage / FDA

James v. State Industries
Water Heater / Flammable Vapor Ignition

Dever / Brown v. BRK Electronics
Smoke Detector / Failure to Warn

McMullin v. US Tobacco
Smokeless Tobacco / Marketing / Failure to Warn

Burgmeier v. Electrolux
Vacuum Cleaner / Failure to Recall

Reichwald v. S C Johnson
Pesticide / EPA Labeling Regulations

Garza v. Wyeth-Ayerst
Drug Labeling / Norplant

Ledbetter v. Agri-Products
Hazardous Substance Labeling

Wimes v. BRK Electronics
Smoke Detector / Warnings

Edwards v. Monarch Paint
Paint Labeling / Explosion

Angelino v. Integre-Med
Medical Device / Skin Dermabrasion

Sutherland v. J.C. Penney
Flammable Bathrobe / Warnings

Bustamante v. Haemonetics
Medical Device / Blood System

Laster v. CR Bard, Inc.
Medical Device / Marlex Mesh

Mowen v. Illinois Valley Supply
LP Gas Valve Explosion

Hensley v. Kero-Sun
Kerosene Heater / Contact Burn